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About Our Tournaments

There are lots of tournaments that you can enter, where you can earn the "color" points (silver, red, gold and platinum) you need for the various levels of Life Master that you aspire to:

The ACBL has three National tournaments each year (Spring, Summer and Fall) where you can earn gold and platinum points and visit some fascinating cities when you're not playing bridge.

Our local unit (Unit 242) hosts many tournaments each year.

Regionals take place in the Spring and Fall, Sunday through Thursday at a special venue. You can earn red and gold points there.

Sectionals (we call them Stacs) are run throughout the year at the local bridge clubs. You can earn silver points there.

More about our Regionals:

Leading off each regional is our Non-Life Master/Life Master Swiss Team charity event on Sunday evening. This is a fun event where newer players (less than 400 masterpoints) are paired with more experienced players (Life Masters) to compete in a team format similar to the Bracketed Swiss Team events that are offered during the rest of the tournament. Sign up by contacting Lesley Decker Lucas ( or 516-364-2388).

The Bracketed Round Robin Swiss Team event is usually offered Monday through Thursday. You enter with a team of four of your buddies and the brackets are established so that you're playing against other teams with similar amounts of masterpoints. The top three teams in each bracket win gold points. Caddies are needed for the swiss team events, so if you know of anyone who'd rather earn $100 a day than win gold points, let the Tournament Chair know!

The Gold Rush Pairs is another popular event usually offered Monday through Thursday. This event is limited to players with less than 750 masterpoints. You can win gold points by coming in first in your section or finishing well in the overalls.

Open Pairs is an event where you pit your skills against the top players in the region. There's no limit on the number of masterpoints for this challenging event, but it is stratified, which means gold points are awarded for pairs whose players have less than 1500 masterpoints; less than 3000 masterpoints; or more than 3000 masterpoints.

Upcoming Tournaments

Weekend STaC, May 15-17, 2020

STaC Week, August 10-16, 2020

Weekend STaC - August 28th - 30th