Nassau-Suffolk Bridge Association
        Unit 242 of the American Contract Bridge League


to bridge on Long Island

We have friendly bridge, competitive bridge, and even friendly competitive bridge. We have clubs to play bridge at, tournaments to test your mettle, and we can help you find lessons.

We hope you find what you are looking for. Let us know (contact) if we can help.

The NSBA runs all of the ACBL tournaments on Long Island. We actively support bridge education and bridge players on Long Island.

September 2016 regional results

The Flight A 2015 KO winners are (in alphabetical order) Dori Cohen, Rob Gordon, Ljudmila Kamenova, Michael Massimilla. They won their final match by an IMP.

The yearly election of board members will take place at the Upsky Hotel on September 14, 2016 directly before the start of the Life Master/nonLM game which begins at 7 pm.

NSBA Proposed Board 2016-2017

John Abrenica 
Peter Barbeosch 
Mark Blanchard 
Bella Chiusano 
Lesley Decker-Lucas 
Bill Dinner 
Ray Elias 
Anita Goldman 
Rob Gordon 
Allen Greenbaum 
Phil Grella 
Lou Grossman 
Mark Inhaber 
Jon Kirshner 
Mark Krinsky 
Alan Kudisch 
Debra Lamountain 
Lee Launer 
Al Levy 
Carol Mathews 
Rich Morici 
Karen Ruben 
Dina Schechter 
Susan Scholer 
Diana Schuld 
Debra Thaw 
Susan Toporovsky 
Silvana Zangri 

One of the most rewarding things you can do for bridge is teaching fifth-grade students. It's fun, and the kids have such a wonderful time with the game. Join our team of teachers and volunteers. You need not be a bridge expert or a school teacher or bridge teacher. What you do need is a desire to work with kids for one hour a week.   

We will hold training sessions so you will feel comfortable working with one of our school teams! If you are interested, please contact Carol Mathews at or Jim Schneider at

The new Islander is out! If you did not recieve one in the mail, that's because we don't send them in the mail any more. Click here for a copy. And send us your email so we can email you the next islander (click here).

We are looking for interesting articles for upcoming Islanders – especially interesting hands from recent tournaments or club games, or questions on protocol that some of our local directors might answer (like "ruling the game" from the bulletin). Contact Mark Shaiman (

Upcoming Events:

  • Sept 14-18, 2016. Regional (flyer)
  • Sept 25, 2016, Sunday. North American Pairs District Final. Sagamore Bridge Club, 11 A.M.)
  • Oct. 26 - Nov. 1, 2016. STaC (silver points)
  • Dec. 9-11, 2016. Weekend STaC

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